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Privacy Policy for Rajstock

Hello, friends, I want to tell you about my blog Privacy Policy, before using my blog content you should know the Privacy Policy of my Blog. The policy of my blog is whatever contents I share to my blog is best and true to my knowledge if you go against my blog Privacy Policy I have full right to block you.

What should you get from my blog

In this blog, you will find Motivational Quotes, Positive Quotes, Positive Knowledge, Best Birthday Quotes, Good Morning Quotes, Friendship Quotes, etc.

What can I do for you?

1.      Friends whatever information I have provided in my blog is best and true to my knowledge if you have any suggestions you can contact me through comments but don’t comment on any unnecessary or spam.

2.      Friends if any contents I have provided in my blog need any change then you can suggest to me, I will try to improve it.

3.      Friends what types of contents you need to on my blog you can share your feeling so that I can help you.

Third-Party Link:-It is very important to all the visitors before sharing any third-Party Link to my blog, they should take consent from me, if I found helpful then I will authorize it and publish it, but if visitors trying to make any spam on my blog then I will unpublish their comments.


Our Website uses Cookies, cookies is a very small file which the browser use it and send that file to my computer hard drive, in future if, we found helpful than we can use these cookies.

Terms and Condition:-

To use our Website all the visitors should follow our Term and Condition.

Hope visitors will like and follows our Terms and Condition in the future too.

Friends if you any suggestion and want to talk with me then visit our Contact Us Page.


We show ads on our blog, visitors do not authorize to click directly on any ads which are shown on our blog, if visitors do that mistake intentionally and click on any ads which are shown on our blog, we have the right to block them.

Children’s Policy

In our blog, we provide the best and true knowledge for our visitors, but this site is not for 13 years or below 13 years visitors, because in our blog we provide professional knowledge to our visitors, which is not important for the 13 years old or below 13 years old visitors. 

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Friends I hope you will not make any unnecessary comments, spam on our blog, we have all the rights to block, delete, and spam your comments. We hope, all the visitors will like and follow our Policy.