A Conversation Between Two Brothers in English


A Conversation Between Two Brothers in English:- A conversation is a medium of talking to each other, we talk a person according to his age if he is elder we respect them while talking and if he is young then we talk with love.

The conversation will be done on the basis of personal age, and personality, here we are going to share some tips on how to start a conversation between two brothers in English, which are as follow:-

A Conversation Between Two Brothers in English

Conversation between two brothers on the basis of age

Arun (Younger):- Good Morning big Brother.

Barun (Elder):- Yes, Good Morning young brother.

Arun (Younger):- Brother tomorrow our school is going to held a guardian meeting relating to student’s uniforms. Will you attend the meeting as my guardian?

Barun (Elder):- Ok tomorrow I will go to your school and attend the meeting.

Barun (Elder):- What is the time the meeting will be start?

Arun (Younger):- Brother the school will start the meeting from 1:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. but you should reach the meeting hall at 12:45 P.M.

Barun (Elder):- Ok by dear Arun (Younger) brother, I will be reach there within a time.

Arun (Younger):- Thanks my dear Barun (Elder) brother for your support to me.

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Awesome with love a Funny Conversation Between Two Brothers

Petter : Hi Jack.

Jack: Hello Petter after a long time I saw you today.

Jack: Are you all right?

Petter : With the bless of God I am alright.

Petter : What about you?

Jack: I am fine brother.

Petter : What’s about your parents?

Jack: He is alright.

Petter : I mean he is working or what?

Jack: He is doing a task.

Petter : Where do you Live?

Jack: With my family.

Petter : Where do your parents live?

Jack: With me.

Petter : Where do you all live?

Jack: We all live together.

Petter : Where is your home?

Jack: Beside our neighbor house.

Conversation Between Two Brothers About Their Future Planning

Henry: Hello John.

John: Hello Henry.

Henry: What about your future planning?

John: I am planning to start dairy farm.

Henry: That’s good decision.

Henry: with How many cows are you planning to start?

John: I have decided to start with 10 cows.

Henry: Where do you sell cow milk?

John: I will sell it on local market.

Henry: What you do with the cow dung?

John: I will used that dung to grow vegetable.

Henry: That’s nice idea.

John: and sell that vegetable to local market.

Henry: Good luck brother.


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