Full-Form Of DP/ DP Full Form/ DP Meaning


The exact full form of DP is Display Picture (DP) in social media, and for computer science, students Data Processing but a full form of D.P. for Mathematics students is the Dirichlet process.

Hello friends, we all use social media platforms for fun and knowledge, and also we all have heard from our friends and relatives that they have changed their D.P. in the social media platform such as Facebook, whatsApp, Instagram, and many more.

Now the question is raise what is the full form of D.P? The full form of D.P. is so easy and simple that everybody know the full form of D.P. but there is few peoples don’t know the full form of D.P. but some others know the full form of D.P but they is confused. Today I will discuss all about the full form of DP and it’s meaning.  And clear your all doubt and confusion and also discuss about different forms of DP and it’s meaning and importance.

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Full-Form Of DP/ DP Full Form/ DP Meaning

We all have heard from our friends and relative that they have changed their D.P in social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, the picture which they change in the social site is called Display Picture( D.P) here D.P we simply means Display Picture which we upload as profile picture in our social site to attract more persons to gain followers and likes in a short time but there are others who don’t recognize D.P means Display Picture they only recognized that D.P. means not a display picture but they understand different form and meaning, such persons are computer science students understand D.P means DATA PROCESSING, and also mathematic students understand D.P. means DIRICHLET PROCESS.

In  Social Media

Full-Form Of DP Display Picture

Computer Science


Mathematic Students


But for common man, students, businessmen, and the employees, the full form D.P. is the same in social media all they are understand that D.P is a Display Picture in social media. At first, it was said that profile picture in social media but slowly the words came to Display Picture.

Meaning and importance of D.P. / Display Picture

A Display Picture is one of the most important factor which is used in social media and messaging account, which is known as NIP.

N — Name

I — ID (Email, username, Phone number)

P — Profile Picture OR Display Picture

These are the three main factor which help us to recognized any persons, in case of one factor is absence but then all we can find the person easily and then we can contact to that person.

Name is the common a factor we can easily recognize the person through name but sometimes two persons have the same name at this condition we can easily recognize the person through email id, one or more than one person can have same name but they don’t have same ID because they have different unique id each person, with the help of this ID we can easily recognize the person but sometime situation is different or critical and if we don’t the the name and ID of the person we are searching for at this situation with the help of profile picture/Display Picture we can easily recognized that person with help of Display Picture.


The picture we use in WhatsApp is called WhatsApp D.P.

The picture we use in Facebook is called Facebook D.P but we never say Cover photo and Share the post as D.P.

The picture which we upload in the Instagram profile is called Instagram D.P. But we never say the post which we share in Instagram as D.P.


I think you have heard from your friends and family that your D.P. is old or not good please change your D.P and upload good D.P. or someone had ask you, that your D.P is not visible to them, I can guarantee you that your friends or relative has message you in your social account., and I think  at before you never heard the word D.P and you have search it in Google. If you don’t know the what the actually the D.P. is stand for ? then you are in right place.

The fullform of D.P in What’sApp is called Display Picture


Full form of D.P in electrical DOBLE POLE. We use a transformer to produce electricity and kept in a certain pole or rock, and this between of pole is called D.P.


Friends anyone can ask us the Full form of D.P. for awareness, and we should know the full form of D.P. and the meaning of D.P., Display Picture is the picture which we upload in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram as a profile picture, at first, we say a profile picture but now we say D.P. (Display Picture).



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